Patrick Cruz by Marco Negeri

Malaysian football fan, Marco Negeri shares his thoughts on our latest signing, Patrick Cruz.

Q- What are Patrick’s strengths?
He works really hard to get the ball on his own, and with the right strike partner, he can score goals. Pahang fans enjoyed his partnership with Forkey Doe, until the latter got injured. But even without Forkey, he was able to work for the ball by himself and score winning goals, as witnessed during the JDT game in April, 2018.

Q – What are his weaknesses?
His temperament needs to be improved. He seems to be poor at handling his on field emotions.

Q – Which was his best performance last season?
JDT vs Pahang FA Cup Quarter finals. His hattrick smashed Johor’s unbeaten run at Larkin and he carried his team all the way to the final, where they won the cup.

Q – And his worst?
Also JDT vs Pahang, but this time in the Malaysia Cup quarter finals. Pahang lost the game and JDT got their revenge. Patrick was subbed very early on for his poor performance.

Q – How is he perceived by the Pahang fans?
The majority admired his skill and ability. He is young and well loved by the fans.

Q – And by opposition fans?
He is highly loathed by JDT fans for his hat-trick against them.

Q – What is the perception of Thai league football in Malaysia?
Fans here only know Muangthong Utd and Buriram Utd. That’s it. They do not follow the Thai league’s development. A player like Diogo is widely known here, for his performances with Buriram Utd.

Q – What is the standard like in the Malaysia Super League compared to the Thai league?
It keeps getting better every year. I believe we can soon become the best league in the region.

Q – Would you like to see more players from Malaysia come to play in Thailand?
I’d rather it was vice versa. Heberty would be a nice addition to the league here, but I doubt anyone could afford him.

Q – How do you think Parick will cope at Chonburi and in T1?
He should be able to adapt to Thai football. He has played in Vietnam and Indonesia before.

Q – What advice would you give him?
Focus and work hard, and you will enjoy Thailand. He looks good in blue too!

Q – And what advice would you give our coaching staff in order to get the best from him?
Talk to him, and manage his temperament. They need to find a way to do this. Patrick is still young, hence they will also need to exercise caution.

Q – So, to sum up, what can we expect from our new signing?
Enjoy him banging in the goals. Rest assured, he is a big game player. His confidence level is high.

With thanks to Marco

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