Season Preview by Tim Spear

For the first time in ten years supporting I have no expectations of the club. The debacle of last season, hopefully will be long forgotten. There was just so much wrong, a decent start which was undermined by the exit of Goran. The new coach coming in, certainly showed what he was capable of – those lone isolated stares of the touchline – a tinkerman he is not. However, the pre-season has been quite interesting, with the team at times playing some good one touch football with movement. (Almost bringing memories of 2012 – well almost).

The 5-2 loss at home to Port was a mixed bag, a certainly good first half where last season’s 0-5 loss (in the away league match) was forgotten, but of course not for long. The old habits were back after half time, and the loss of positioning and shape was as embarrassing as I have ever watched. Was this due to a change of personnel? Perhaps, but surely we would alter our play. The defense was just woeful and highlighted again a lack of defensive clarity, and height.

New players coming in, is hard to judge, but the lad Lukian up front, is certainly an improvement on the inanity of last year. His movement looks good, and a fair number of unspectacular goals have been scored. The new Korean, Park Hyun-Beom, looks comfortable and appears to have a genuine knack of finding space and his teammates. My only concern is that he must be made of glass, as everything else looks so good.

Improvements need to be made, a keeper with a little more height would prove useful, as would some defensive acumen. For once I do not have to worry about Chonlatit, so I guess that I am quite serene for the start of the season. The shirts being cheaper, is a god send, and I will purchase one for the first time in four years (finally the pricing is about right). Hopefully this can also be true of our club on the pitch.

With thanks to Tim

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