Club Apologises To Fans

The club has apologised to those fans who were late entering the stadium for yesterday’s first home match of the season, against Samut Prakan City. The delay was caused by supporters not being familiar with the new system for ticket sales.

Many people arrived at the ground expecting to buy tickets at the Box Office, as in previous seasons, and were unaware that things had changed.

General manager, Anop Singthothong had this message for those affected.

“I would like to say sorry to everyone for the problems prior to yesterday’s game. This year we have introduced a new method of selling tickets, and fans can buy them at any 7-11 in the country. However, we had a large number turn up for the match on Saturday, who didn’t know about this and it caused a hold up.

We had a meeting last night and, as a result, we will be working harder to ensure that we communicate this new procedure more effectively and keep supporters informed. We will also ensure that the new system works properly for future fixtures.

Please can I remind everyone to buy their tickets in advance from 7-11 for future home games. Thank you.”

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