14 Years Of Shirt (Part 2: 10-6)

Continuing my rundown of all Chonburi’s first choice shirts of the TPL era.

Number 10

Season: 2014

Manufacturer: Nike

2014’s Nike effort proved to be popular with a lot of the fans – me included. It was different to shirts we’d had before and the two shades of blue seemed to work quite well together in this style. A few English clubs – Charlton Athletic, Peterborough Utd and Southend Utd amongst them – adopted the same design for the 2014/15 season and I don’t think they looked as good as ours (also, see our black and white away kit).

I’ve been a sucker for chevrons ever since I saw Hot Shot Hamish playing for Princes Park in The Tiger back in the early 70’s so this top was always going to strike a chord with me. It could easily have ranked higher. And if we’d have worn it in the FA Cup final and won it – it would’ve done!

Number 9

Season: 2016

Manufacturer: Nike

The biggest complaint I heard about this shirt was that it was too plain. I like plain. Anyway, on closer inspection, you will notice that a shark tooth motif has been woven into the fabric. It’s very subtle and all the better for it. The blue is a lovely shade too.

The round neck collar – with the white and light blue stripes – looks smart and isn’t tight fitting, as similar designs tend to be. Sure, it was a break from the popular two shades of blue style shirt, but I think this is an underrated classic and a throwback to more simple times.

Number 8

Season: 2015

Manufacturer: Nike

In at number 8 is our 2015 shirt. Tastefully, done out in three shades of blue (which is 47 less than Edwyn Collins) this imaginative offering from Nike went down well with most fans. The pre release photos – which was the first opportunity I got to see it – looked promising and I wasn’t disappointed when I saw it in “real life”. It looked quite classy.

The USA had a similar design for their change strip at the 2014 World Cup. However, the red, white and blue didn’t look anywhere near as nice as the one in our traditional colours. It’s a shame they had to ruin it by plastering advertising logos all over it. And especially the ‘CTH’ one slap bang in the middle. A permanent reminder of what a disaster that company was!

Number 7

Season: 2018

Manufacturer: Nike

I don’t normally like them messing with stripes. I believe they should be bold and go all the way up and down on the front and on the back. However, this really works. The slight fading and the diagonals on the light blue stripes is a nice effect. It looks good from a distance and in close up.

Again, the generous crew neck collar gives the wearer plenty of breathing room and the thin light blue stripe is a classy touch. My only real complaint about this effort is the introduction of the ‘Est’ logo, front and centre. I understand the need for shirt sponsors (although wouldn’t it be lovely to return to a time when we didn’t have them!), but this placement means an advert for a soft drinks company has greater prominence than the club badge, and that can’t be right!

Number 6

Season: 2006

Manufacturer: FBT

This was a controversial choice of home shirt for our debut season in the TPL, as it replaced our traditional colour of red. However, as the team had worn blue when they lifted the Pro League trophy a few months earlier in Korat, the management decided a change was in order in the hope that the good fortune would continue. I do like this design. It’s plain, with no frills, but looks classy and the red piping is included as a nod to our past. In addition, it always seemed to have a special sheen under floodlights.

Even though our first year in the top flight was a disappointment domestically, we did manage to reach the final of the Singapore Cup – the first foreign team to do so – and I will always associate this shirt with that remarkable run. For some reason, the locals made us cover up our regular Chang logo with one for the somehow more acceptable Thai Bev. Which helps make this particular top unique, as the only one we’ve worn with anything other than our main sponsor splashed across the front.

14 Years Of Shirt (Part 1: 14-11)

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