14 Years of Shirt: Number 5

Continuing the rundown of Chonburi’s top flight first choice shirts.

Number 5

Season: 2019

Manufacturer: Nike

Crashing straight in at number 5 is this year’s model. A sleek, modern design that showcases the two shades of blue very nicely and, as far as I’m aware, is unique to us. The stripes on the front work very well and incorporate the main sponsor’s logo (a necessary evil) nicely. This is more than can be said for that annoyingly placed pesky ‘est’ badge which, in spite of its best efforts, can’t quite ruin it. But I’d much rather it wasn’t there.

There are unobtrusive breathable mesh panels down both sides and the back is plain, making the players’ names and numbers easy to see, which is not the case with one or two top flight clubs this season; Bangkok Utd, I’m particularly looking at you. Finally, the overlapping round neck collar is both attractive and practical, making this one of the most sought after and purchased Chonburi shirts of recent times.

However, unless things improve dramatically on the field, this beautiful garment will sadly forever be associated with a year of struggle and our relegation. Which isn’t fair. It deserves much better than that.

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