14 Years of Shirt: Number 4

Number 4

Season: 2017

Manufacturer: Nike

This is a lovely top. Instantly recognisable as a Chonburi shirt. An unfussy design with bold, neat, slightly narrower than usual stripes, featuring a nice two tone effect on the light blue ones. It’s a shame the stripes don’t go all the way down the back, but once the name and number are on there, it doesn’t look too bad. As with yesterday’s choice, there are neatly woven, discrete panels down both sides, that add to the overall look rather than spoil it – as these things so often do – and a very smart v neck. It doesn’t even suffer from having plain dark blue sleeves, as opposed to striped to match the main body.

This shirt was extremely popular with fans, but sadly the club didn’t shift that many, due to the ridiculously high price. I’m sure if it had been cheaper, this would have been one of our all time best sellers and been seen around town and in the stands a lot more. It is also remembered as the one we were wearing during “Bottle of Water Gate”, when Thiago Cunha decided to take on the whole of Ratchburi, after being attacked by their stroppy chairman, whom the Brazilian had playfully splashed with H2O when leaving the field at half time. So it enjoys a certain degree of notoriety among the Sharks faithful and we know it is both waterproof and will stand up to a good tugging!

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