14 Years of Shirt: Number 3

Number 3

Season: 2010

Manufacturer: FBT

This is the only time we’ve released a long sleeved version of the shirt and what a beauty it is. FBT at their finest. Classic dark blue/light blue stripes – that go all the way up and down on the front and the back –  fairly plain and even the unnecessary white piping around the under sleeve panels and plain blue bit at the bottom on the rear, don’t really distract from its overall attractiveness. Too many football tops these days look like t-shirts or “fashion wear”, but this is a “proper” football jersey. One you’d get covered in mud, blood, sweat and tears.

I particularly like the cuffs. They remind me of those you’d see on lots of shirts when I was growing up in the 60s and 70s and I guess it’s that retro feel that appeals to me so much. I can just imagine pulling them over my hands to keep them warm, or wiping my nose on them, on freezing cold Sunday mornings. Another winning feature is the club badge (and, oh how I miss that traditional badge) placed just under the collar on the back. A nice touch and one I wouldn’t mind seeing repeated in the future – along with the long sleeves!

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