14 Years of Shirt: Number 2

Number 2

Season: 2007

Manufacturer: FBT

The runner up in our countdown of the fourteen TPL era shirts, is this little beauty from 2007. Not only does it ooze class but it also screams “success”, for this is what we were wearing when we bagged our one, and most likely only, premier league title. FBT really excelled themselves with this top, it is a work of art; classic two tone blue, perfect stripes, neat collar, “proper” badge, comfortable to wear and a timeless look. It is made even more iconic by the fact that it was the first time we had sported the dark blue/light blue combination (colours that are now synonymous with the club). It was also the last one not to be almost entirely covered in sponsors’ logos – which is a massive bonus in my book.

It was such a joy to see it resurrected (along with the equally wonderful white away kit from the same year) for Pipob’s testimonial match a few weeks ago. And the fact that the club felt it worthy of a reissue tells you how highly it is thought of by everyone in the Sharks family. It is impossible for any Chonburi fan not to love this shirt. It’s just gorgeous.

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