14 Years of Shirt: Number 1

Number 1

Season: 2013

Manufacturer: Nike

Here is our winner. This beautiful Nike design from 2013 is everything a football shirt should be. 

1. The Collar
It’s lovely. It reminds me of the 1958 Brazil change shirt. Very classy. At the time, we all hoped that Thiago would wear his turned up a la Cantona. He didn’t. I still consider this to be a wasted opportunity.

2. The Stripes
After a five year gap, this jersey saw a return to the striped design that we wore when we won the league in 2007. They even mentioned this during the presentation at the launch. Sadly, it didn’t bring us the same success.

3. The Adverts
It looked so beautiful in its virgin state, that it was such a shame when they plastered it in sponsors’ logos. At least us fans had the option of leaving them off. Needless to say, I bought the logo-less version.

4. Plain and Simple
Anyone who has been reading this countdown will know by now that I’m an old fashioned sort of bloke. One who hates all these fancy modern kits. You can keep your squiggles and your panels and your messy designs. This looks like a football shirt. No fuss, no frills. Just shirt. In fact, it’s perfect.

5. It’s Instantly Recognisable As A “Chonburi FC” Shirt
You could show a badgeless, sponsorless version of this to someone and they would know straight away that it is a Chonburi shirt. I really don’t think you can give it any higher praise than that!

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