Save The Sharks

A Nine Point Plan To Save The Club From The Abyss

  1. Appoint a new head coach as soon as possible and let him bring in his own staff; including specialists for each area. The current incumbent and those working alongside him clearly aren’t up to the task of getting the best out of these players. I can’t help feeling that the whole Goran Barjaktarevic episode was a missed opportunity. He was the right man at the time and, with his own backroom team, he would have made a big difference. There’s no doubt in my mind that we would be in a much healthier position now, if he had been given time and autonomy.
  2. Be actively searching for a goalkeeper to sign during the transfer window. Preferably someone with a strong commanding presence. This is such an important position and one we should be paying more attention to. Even though he performed heroics at the back end of last season to keep us up, Chanin really isn’t good enough and his defence knows it.
  3. Stop relying on the youth academy to provide players.The whole thing needs a major overhaul and someone who knows what they’re doing brought in to run it. The club should be praised for wanting to bring in homegrown talent, but, in its current form, the academy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The management can laud it all they want, but I’ve heard from various sources that the boys aren’t really being taught properly. Which is worrying.
  4. Meet with the fans and invite our opinions. Get us back on side. Make a special effort to engage with the long term supporters who have drifted away and vowed never to come back. There are lots of good ideas and strong opinions out there that deserve to be heard. We’re as desperate as anyone to see things improve and would happily share our thoughts if we were given a platform. It used to happen and we won things. So why not now? What are they scared of?
  5. Stop pretending that everything is OK and admit that we are in trouble. It isn’t and we are. Currently we are – at best – a mid table side and certain people need to realise this in order to take us forward. If this means bringing someone in from outside the “circle” or asking advice from elsewhere, then so be it. I’m sure there are plenty of qualified experts out there who would jump at the chance of working at our great club.
  6. Close the Scoreboard End and move all the fans into the Swimming Pool Stand. This would help create a much better match day atmosphere and allow everyone to be able to see the action. Do I also need to mention (Yet again!) that allowing us to take food and drink inside would also be seen as a big step forward and appreciated by all.
  7. Rename the ground and the stands (See above). “Chonburi Stadium”, “Swimming Pool Stand”, “Main Stand” and “Torch Stand” show a real lack of imagination. How about giving them names that are related to the club? Maybe even consult the fans? But no sponsor’s names please. Give us a stadium to be proud of and one we can associate with.
  8. Give the captain’s armband to Hyun-Beom. Even though a football team captain doesn’t have the same amount of influence on things as their counterparts in cricket, it is important that the player with this responsibility has leadership qualities. Whilst the symbolic handing over of the baton from Pipob to Kroerkrit was a lovely moment, the latter doesn’t have the same drive and influence as his predecessor. We need someone who isn’t afraid to get stuck in and gee up his team mates when needed. For me, the big Korean fits the bill.
  9. Revive the fan club buses for away games. The supporters club coach trips back in the day are legendary and remembered fondly by those who experienced them. Early starts, (very) late finishes and fun filled days out were the norm in the mid to late Noughties…and I miss them. Friendships were formed and a sense of togetherness was forged. Things that are an integral part of being a football fan and important for a club. It would be great if the management were to start arranging transport again. I’d be first to put my name down!

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