9,10,11,12: Chonburi’s Highest Scoring Matches

Inspired by Sunday’s remarkable twelve goal thriller, here’s a feature on the good, the bad, the ugly and the comical of the six highest scoring matches involving Chonburi. A crazy 570 minutes (one game went to extra time) that produced a total of 60 goals, at an average of one every nine and half minutes. Now, that’s entertainment!

12 (Twelve)

Chonburi 7-5 Chiang Mai

(21/4/19 TPL)

How do you write a report for a match like this? Ninety minutes of absolute mayhem with more incident and excitement than we usually get in a whole season. It was madness, I tell ya. Madness! There’s no point in trying to analyse the game, focus on the numerous mistakes made by the players on both teams or criticise the tactics. No, it’s far better to concentrate on the fact that we were regally entertained by two teams who tore up all the coaching manuals and played as if their lives depended on it. Just like we used to in the school playground. I don’t think I’ve ever had as much fun inside a football ground as I did yesterday evening. And I doubt I will again. Although with this Chonburi team…anything is possible!Dale Farrington

11 (Eleven)

Bangkok Glass 7-4 Chonburi

(1/7/18 TPL)

When the final whistle went, we just looked at each other and shrugged. What else could we do? A couple of dodgy refereeing decisions aside – and he certainly favoured the home team all night – there was nothing really to get annoyed about. It was a freak show. An aberration. Something we’ll be able to tell our grandkids – and anyone else within earshot – all about in the future. We’d used two goalkeepers (although not at the same time. Which probably wouldn’t have made any difference) and conceded seven goals. We’d scored four too – equalling our highest league tally of the year – but it had all felt so strange.Dale Farrington

10 (Ten)

Chonburi 4-6 Bangkok Glass (AET)

(8/8/18 League Cup)

Someone questioned a few weeks ago why I watch Thai football if I’m so negative about it. This is why. No plastic English PL for me, thank you. With its no limit on foreigners nutty idea, built to bolster Murdoch’s bank balance and sod everything else, though people are too stupid to realise it. No, last night’s match was right up there with the ‘Parrot Sketch’ and ‘Fork ‘andles’. From a footballing point of view it highlighted the woeful quality of teams, officials and players on show every week at many grounds, but for the neutral, just pure entertainment. And what a roller coaster.Peter Reeves

9 (Nine)

FC Tokyo 9-0 Chonburi

(9/2/16 AFC CL)

Tonight was just a culmination of all the problems we’ve been highlighting week in, week out. But, apart from proving our defence is shite and we’ve got players that simply aren’t good enough, the one  thing that also stood out for me was that almost all the other players on the pitch haven’t got the stomach for a scrap when the going gets tough. Nobody on that pitch tonight was prepared to fight and chase back and close the opposition down. Not one player was prepared to put themselves on the line. We didn’t have one single organiser out there to gee people up, get the shape of the side back and get them working again. Do they offer season ticket refunds?Brian Enever

Chonburi 7-2 Chainat

(9/7/16 TPL)

At the end of the match my first thoughts were that you could have gone to the intensive care unit of the local hospital and picked a team that would have beaten Chainat tonight. I have got used to watching poor quality here, like many of us foreigners I suspect, you get used to it, almost conditioned to it, even make excuses for it as many do, you don’t really expect very much else most of the time. But this? Chonburi had not played like seven goals good, they were playing a team that played like ten goals bad. But in fairness you can only beat what’s put in front of you and they certainly did that. I have seen some very poor teams here in two years but nothing like this. Peter Reeves

Bangkok Utd 7-2 Chonburi

(5/8/17 TPL)

This could easily have been 11 or 12 conceded, not 7. Chonburi let in 7 but got out of jail from a defeat that would have made Super Power look like a mid-table team. The Angels players were having a great time. Smiles all over their faces even when they were missing simple chances in the box. As a neutral, this was uncomfortable to watch. You feared for what was going to happen to the Sharks. I can’t imagine what it must be like to support them. Credit to those who still go. Many have long since given up with the once mighty Chonburi.Peter Reeves

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